new Barks painting

Dennis Recla recla at
Sat Jan 7 18:42:45 CET 1995

> appears to be a painting of some kind of "money mine", with Scrooge
> hauling out carts full of coins.  Has anyone seen this painting in
> more detail, or at least for more than 3 seconds?  What exactly is it
> all about?  Is it an original concept, or is it based on a Barks story?
Not sure if it is the same one, but there is a lithograph of a similar 
scene at a local shop that carries a number of Carl Barks works here in GP.
It shows $crooge on a mining cart full of gold coins comming out of a 
mine shaft, all around are the rest of the Duck familiy standing and 
sitting on bags of gold.  I'll go back this week and see what the title 
is, seems like there were about 250 prints made.  It's probably 20x24 in 
size.  I don't recal it as a cover scene.  I'll let you know.  The shop 
has a number of Duck lithograph sets, with the nr 1 release.  I'm eyeing 
a grouping of $crooge Comic, Photo of Carl, and his Autograph, all in a 
nice 11 x 14 frame under glass.  It's about the only thing close to my 
price range.  I would like to get my "Uncle $crooge, his life & Times" 
autographed.. working on that one.

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