Disney-comics digest #528.

Dennis Recla recla at hq.jcic.org
Mon Jan 9 20:07:39 CET 1995

I know it was Wilmer that started the story about the painting, and not 
Don.  I took a good look at it today.  As Don said it's a mine shaft 
inside the money bin.  The sign over the shaft says "Mine all Mine" and 
U$ is sitting on a ore cart full of gold coins.  Donald is on the right 
at the pony brake of a steam winch pulling him up the shaft.  On the left 
are the Nephews, with gold and a wheel barrow full of gems.  The title is 
"Rich Find at Inventory Time" this one is 250/500 and only $2200 USD framed.
The autograph set is a photo of Carl Barks signing the autograph cards, 
and autograph card, and a copy of Whitman #195 Uncle $crooge, all for $285.
Anyway, Don, you have a good "trip" over the holidays!

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