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Sun Jan 1 14:31:35 CET 1995

> > bank myself -- one painted and one "bronze". And I've passed up several
> > others. I believe they were given away free by some (regular) banks in
> > several countries, so how uncommon could they be? But, like that gumball
> > bank, they are very nice with the ornery-looking $crooge guarding the
> > bank, rather than a cute, smiling $crooge (i.e. a "DuckTales" style
> > $crooge) that most vapid toy licensees would usually opt for.

> The $crooge on a chest bank must go back quite a ways if it's the
> same thing I'm thinking of. I saw one in a bank window in Salzburg,
> Austria in the fall of 1971, and I guess it was a premium for
> account-holders.

I don't know the actual difference between the countries, but the Swedish 
version have an oak-tree on the sides of the chest. Not printed, but 
embossed. Can you have a look on the side of your chests?

The oak-tree is the trademakr for the Swedish Savings Bank.

> I still remember it all these years later, as $crooge's expression was 
> priceless, just daring anybody to get past him to open up _his_ treasure 
> chest. Wish I had one...

Well, it's not so uncommon as I thought, so we could propably get one for 
you if you don't find it yourself.

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