Disney-comics digest #542.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Wed Jan 4 05:40:38 CET 1995

	I guess what Per's preface meant was that these messages from
you were somewhat old?
	I didn't know that's the answer Anne Flotaker was giving in
response to questions about my 1995 plans. The thing to remember is that
half the time I've visited Norway, it was only because I was already
visiting some other Egmont branch in another country, and Norway asked
me to include a visit to them on my trip. This way they can benefit from
another branch paying for the flight, etc., which makes good sense. This
last trip happened only because I was already in Gotenborg and Stockholm
on the surrounding weekends, so I visited Oslo in between, and was glad
to do so (even though the Norway office turned out to be so busy with
other matters that they couldn't make very good "use" of me. In fact,
that visit to the Realiswhatchacallit group at the university was about
the ONLY worthwhile thing they managed to line up for me, and it really
was of doubtful "use" to Egmont as the sort of publicity getter that a
publisher wants to organize -- but I liked it!)
	I hope Augie answers your question about what a new reader
thinks of the Lo$ -- that's just what I worried about all during the
years I worked on that project.
	By the way, I see that my next story will very probably be a new
Lo$ "fill-in" tale, another story of $crooge in the Yukon in 1897.
	And I see that I finally have a new story in the Egmont weeklies
of the first or so weeks of January... my "Treasury of Croesus" thing.
It's in Sweden's #1 issue and will soon follow elsewhere (though I'm not
sure why it wasn't in the corresponding issues in Denmark and Norway as
I would have suspected).

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