Disney-comics digest #546.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sun Jan 8 05:28:39 CET 1995

	It's not important to this forum, but I can't accept the idea,
right off, that Paul M. owns the rights to "Happy Birthday to You";
during just the past few years is when I last heard about the two lil'
ol' ladies who still own it, and I'm pretty sure I only recently saw
some movie credits that named the owners as a pair of females rather
than a Paul McCartney. But never mind...
	What happened to my cover to that new UNCLE $CROOGE ADVENTURES?
I don't know -- I suspect this was a problem that arose during my trip
to Mexico? No, that was too short a time ago? I was surprised when I saw
the ad in a recent Gladstone with the cover with a portion missing, but
the explanation (sorta) was right there in the same ad in that new
"Cross Talk" thing.
	My cover art had a collapsing bin in the left foreground and a
huge load of lentils falling onto $crooge from above. That's why he
seems to be stopping short in the midst of a headlong flight from that
grasping Beagle Boy. As it stands now, I'm not sure what it looks like
$crooge is doing. Dancing? Stopping so the Beagle can grab him? Oh, it's
no big deal -- it looks odd to me only because I know what it originally
looked like... anyone else would never notice anything odd (I guess).
But WHY did they eliminate that foreground stuff? I don't know. Maybe
I'll ask them next time I talk to John Clark, who is currently on a

	Marvel Comics is currently going through a major, major
"downsizing" of some sort due to the dwindling American comic book
market (the gum card speculators who made comics boom as a "collectible"
several years ago have left the hobby and sales are dropping). They have
fired 20 or so editors and are cancelling a large number of titles. I
would guess that the only reason they won't cancel all their Disney
titles will be due to some contract with Disney that won't allow this --
it's just like Disney to have companies sign contracts that would force
them to produce a product at a loss, they have such contempt for the
rights and the good of others. Or maybe they WILL cancel the Disney
titles. I do know that the editors of the Marvel Disney titles are out
of work -- I hear they have been transfered over to the Welsh Publishing
Company (a Marvel company) to work on those kiddie magazines (not
comics) that Welsh handles. I'm not sure if there is anyone on here who
cares about the Disney stuff that Marvel produces, but I'll report
anything I discover.

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