Disney coins

Fredrik Ekman ekman at lysator.liu.se
Mon Jan 9 06:42:15 CET 1995

On Sun, 8 Jan 1995, PAULO BARRETO wrote:
>         I don't know about them, but I'm afraid the Brazilian 70's
> collection is sort of a version of the Italian coins (the character
> names and the publisher's logo are local, though).

I think not (although, how should I know?). The only thing I know about 
these Italian ones, except what I said before, is that they all depicted 
some Disney character as a historic person. The first one, I think, was 
Cleopatra (resembling Daisy if memory serves). They were all based on a 
series of historic stories. Time-travel or some such. The only one 
translated to Swedish that I know of is that first one where the ducks 
dream about being ancient Egyptians and then go back in modern time to 
collect their treasures. A relatively good story, although a bit weak on 
the plot.

Now that I think of it, the first Swedish translation was published in 
early -73 and I just managed to find it in our database. The code is I 
750. There is no other publication listed in the database. We can only 
hope that Fabio or Luigi clears this up for us, I suppose.


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