Mostly Gerstein & Jippes (Re: digest #544)

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Mon Jan 9 13:27:02 CET 1995

I spent some delightful days with David last week. Thanks again
for your visit, David!

David lent me his copy of Becattini's Disney index part 2. Amongst
others is says that Daan Jippes was born in Amsterdam. Well, OK,
Jippes is not from Friesland. But I'm sure his ancestors are. His
name is very Frisian.

The new Uncle Scrooge Adventures is in the shops: The Lentils From 
Babylon part 2. A very complicated plot. One can see David has gone
through a lot of trouble explaining things as clearly as possible.

Also in that issue: the one-page Strobl gag where Scrooge remembers
a bill, but not an old school friend. What a coincidence...

Now, about last week's digest #544:

Torsten, about Junior Woodchuck stories by Barks:
> I wonder why Gladstone doesn't publish these, either from the original 
> Gold Key issues, or the re-inkings.

Gladstone is in fact publishing Jippes' re-inkings of those stories.
The second one will be published soon.

Jo/rgen, about Donald Duck & Co #52:
> The lead story is a Dutch story (H8499, 10 pages). A foreign stamp
> collector is coming to  Duckburg to buy a stamp from Scrooge.

The Dutch text on the letter was "stempelkussen" (used to put
staps on letters), after the tearing off it was "tempelkussen" (temple
pillow). How was this translated in Norwegian?

BTW: the Barks story "Race to the South Seas" (W/M.O.C. 41 1949) must
be Daan Jippes' re-inked version. Gladstone and Disney also used this
version. Is there a "Dagobert McDuck" text on the 2nd page, and is
Donald's boat called "Kwaak" in one panel? (just curious 8-)


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