David/Dwight about Dutch Disney

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Tue Jan 10 09:50:24 CET 1995

DAVID: Just a few (minor) comments on your "travel report".

>       In GERMANY -- [...] The 
> pocket-books remain in print -- something that didn't seem to be the 
> case in France or Holland.

The Dutch used to reprint their 2nd series of pocket books like the
Germans. Now they started a 3rd series, and I haven't seen a reprint
yet, possibly because all books are still available.

>       In FRANCE [...] Dutch stories don't seem to exist

And yet I have a PICSOU SPECIAL with two Heymans stories. I think
they only reprint stories they found in Germany (or wherever), and
hide them carefully in the back of the issues. 8-)

>       HOLLAND [...] By the late
> 1970s, when Daan Jippes hit his stride, we had some truly superb 
> comics appearing here.  And as far as I can figure out, it's gone on 
> to the present day.

They had a few ups and downs after Jippes left (1982). 1975 to 1978
are the best years ever in Dutch Disney comic history.

>       There are albums of DD and US, which I think come out monthly.

The DD albums used to come out bi-monthly in the early 80s, but now
they are published 4 times a year, just like the US albums.
The DD albums ("De beste verhalen van DD") still have 100 per cent
Barks material. They reached album 82. The U$ albums (about 52 of them
now) stopped containing Barks material after #30.

And then there were a lot of other Disney albums in 1978-1982, like
Mad Madam Mim. Bucky Bug, Hiawatha, Gyro Gearloose, etc. etc. etc.
There were about 10 Li'l Bad Wolf albums. Some of them contain
reprints of the best Dutch Wolf stories, made in 1976-1977. David
got two of those albums.

DWIGHT: the season specials you have were published from 1978 to
present and nowadays mostly contain uninteresting Egmont material
(though also some Rosa and Van Horn). Earlier issues contained
some of the best Marco Rota stories, and "Dutch" stories by
Jan Gulbransson.

Codes of the best Dutch Wolf stories are H/W//761 through H/W//768 and
H/W//771, H/W//772 and H/W//778. (In our Database, the codes are
normalized to H 76w01 etc.)


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