Disney-comics digest #548. (II)

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     ... And we continue.

      OTHER COMMENTS ABOUT THE LENTIL STORY:  The depiction of the 
natives of Paylesh may make you wonder if the story was censored.  
When I talked to John Clark he told me that he'd be reinking them so 
that they wore business suits, but nope.  All that got changed in the 
art was that their lips were made (slightly) smaller in a few panels, 
and that a grass skirt one of them wore was exchanged for pants.  Oh, 
they're white, but they were white in every other color printing I've 
seen of this story, too (like the German one).
      The color sure is good here.  In the past I wasn't so crazy 
about Scott Rockwell's color (c. f. "Guardians of the Lost Library"), 
but this is basically a fine job.  Only one problem -- the soil on 
page 19 of Part II should only have flecks of gold in it, while 
Rockwell colored it as pure gold.
      The story was published in two parts in Italy, the first ending 
partway through what's published here as Part II.  The last two
panels of the original Part I (and a large teaser caption for the next 
part) were deleted:  they showed the joyful Beagle Boys racing 
from their office with the deed to Scrooge's bin, then Scrooge 
gleefully juggling lentil cans above his head as the nervous DD and 
HDL ran into the room.
      And you'll see just why the lentils successfully oiled the 
plane's engine when Part III comes around.  Heh, heh, heh.

      DD 289 has three strips cut from it.  In 7/27/38 Donald smokes 
a peace pipe with an Indian squaw and ends up sick.  In 7/30/38 
Donald asks the boys what they want to take back with them from the 
campsite:  they collect several small objects, and the squaw (as if 
she were just one of the objects -- you get the idea).  Finally, on 
8/11/38 Donald, bothered by street lights shining through his bedroom 
window, destroys them with a sawed-off shotgun.  (Thanks to Harry for 
showing me these in Dutch at his house.)
      The other AT strips in DD 289 strike me as being of an 
uncommonly high quality.  Just try them.  If we're going to get so 
much AT in every issue, then this is sure one of the better issues.

      Well, that's all for today, folks.

      David Gerstein
      <9475609 at arran.sms.ed.ac.uk>
      "You're the one I have chosa to toss me a Rosa!"

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