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Jacob Sparre Andersen sparre at connect.nbi.dk
Wed Jan 11 15:32:38 CET 1995

In response to David's message:

|       I'd like to think that Disney would object to Jose dressing 
| like a rap musician, but I'm sure they'd never mind.  >Sigh<  I've 
| seen a recent record album that has Mickey dressed that way on the 
| front.  It's just the old bit that because these characters are all 
On the cover of the Danish 4-weekly 'Lomme-musen' - now changed to 
Mickey Mysteries - a similar drawing of MM was used from 1993(?) and 
until Mickey Mysteries started. This is definitely not Mickey's style.
Talking of MM's style: Has anybody seen that (not very good) story, 
where Minnie makes MM move into an fashionable down-town apartment?

| this (for example, in the "crane" story reprinted in Egmont's 
| Christmas special last year).  His friendship with "preyed-upon" 
This is not 'Fra alle os til alle jer' (From all of us to all of you) ?!?
I don't remember a Br'er Rabbit story in that collection - I'll have to 
read it one more time :-)
I didn't like the first story (U$ + a magic christmas book) in that 
collection, but I must admit that I like the stories where MM & Goofy 
travles to this 'parallel dimension' where a Darth Vader-like bad guy, 
is making life miserable for everybody.

This list really makes me want to go back to Denmark (and my comics).

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