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Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Thu Jan 12 12:40:18 CET 1995

Harry writes:
> MINNIEFAY: there are only two possibilities of getting mail from
> this list: get it all or get none. Sorry, but noone is editing or
> moderating this list: all messages are just sent through to all
> members.

However, without reducing the total VOLUME of mail, you can reduce
the NUMBER of messages down to one per day, by requesting to be
sent the daily digest rather than each individual message.  If it's
the number of messages listed in your mail queue each time you look
there that overwhelms you, then go with the "digests" option.

I am amazed to read about the popularity of Hard-Haid Moe in Brazil
and elsewhere.  Are we in the USA missing out on something important
by not reading stories with Moe, and maybe stories with that hillbilly
that people talked about before and whose name I don't remember (ex-
cept that it was an Old Testament prophet - Amos? Obadiah? Habbakuk?)
I wish Gladstone would reprint even one of these stories, so that I
would have a clue about what's being discussed in this list!  A couple
of comic strips featuring hillbillies (Li'l Abner and Snuffy Smith)
have been very popular in the USA for the last 60 years or so, and
it would be interesting to see a Disney comics treatment of that same
source material.

Wilmer Rivers

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