'From all of us to all of you'

Jacob Sparre Andersen sparre at connect.nbi.dk
Thu Jan 12 20:53:34 CET 1995

Yesterday I mentioned a Danish (Serieforlaget) christmas special. Now 
I've written up a list of the stories.

The 'book' (hardcover) seems to have two titles; "Disney's Christmas 
Classics" and "From all of us to all of you". The last is also the title 
of the Disney christmas cartoon show on TV in Denmark.

Julestemning (Christmas mood?)
    U$ I-1778   A magic christmas book                             (not good)
MM og kometens datter (MM & the comets daughter)
    MM I-1930   Argaar, parallel dimension                        (very good)
En vandret loesning (A horizontal solution)
    DD 1-page
En musikalsk overraskelse
    U$ I-1986   U$ & Glomgold ('The last laugh is the best laugh'(?))  (good)
Super-mule redder julen (Super Goof saves christmas)
    SG I-1935   Mad scientists
Anders And ruller sig ud
    DD 1-page
En pjusket jul
    U$ B-820205 U$ celebrates christmas with Pjuske (Fethry's nephew)
Nye, gamle bekendte (New, old acquaintences(sp?))
    MM I-1934   Morty & Ferdie meets BP's niece
Tag tre, betal for en
    DD 1-page

Where should this info be stored (should it?)? I suppose some reformatting 
is needed, but what?

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