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        Moe is *not* as smashingly popular in Brazil as some messages
may mean.  I was noticed his title has been recently cancelled by Abril,
possibly favoring a new, less expensive (Moe's book was quite
inexpensive anyway!), non-character-oriented title.  Even though, I
believe Moe's title has lived a little longer than Goofy's or Fethry's
(in fact, Brazil's recent big hits, as '86 Daisy, are rare; traditional
titles as Donald, Mickey and $crooge remain the top sellers).  Comic
books come and go; that's business...

        I can't remember outstanding Brazil-made stories with Moe, as
most of them deal with obvious urbanite-hillbilly clashes (Moe visits
Duckburg, Fethry visits Moe, etc.) and some poorly inserted local
folklore elements that may be hard to understand in other countries.
Maybe Italy is reprinting some of them.

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