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- Dwight (and me) about Fethry's nephew:

> > My brain just blanked out his Danish name. - I'll be back with it later.
> > 
> Is that "Pjaske"? I was going to ask about this character, which I just
> ran into for the first time when I was reading that Danish "Christmas
> Classics" collection of Italian stories I picked up in Denmark this
> past November. There's a Scrooge story featuring "Onkel Joakim" and
> a little-kid duck named Pjaske. Pjaske has a more pointed beak than
> the other Ducks and seems younger and more childlike than HD&L. I was
> wondering if this character is some Italian creation unknown on the
> North American continent? (I don't have the book with me, so "Pjaske"
> is from memory -- I may not be spelling it right.)
I think it's rather 'Pjuske'. - I'll read the story tonight! - I'm not 
sure if the his look has changed. _I_ wasn't in doubt who it was.
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