Disney-comics digest #560.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sun Jan 22 05:29:57 CET 1995

	Yes, actually, "odd" wording of the business of whether Croesus invented
coinage is quite appropriate; I was just wondering if I correctly understood
your translation is that "odd" manner. Actually, it would obviously be
impossible to say anyone invented the use of a monetary unit for exchange or
barter. There were definitely some sorts of stones being used for "money" prior
to Croesus. The best I could hope to claim is that Croesus invented METAL coins,
which is closer to being a possibility, even though some historians will
disagree with that as well.
	By the way, Norway is the only country that sends me a batch of copies of
the weeklies and monthlies in a steady stream (whether I have work in them or
not, and I have Norwegian issues out the wahzoo)... and today I received a
package containing the double-issue with this "Croesus mess" in it, meaning it
was mailed over a week ago at least. That also means I am being sent advance
copies... or perhaps all subscribers are getting the weeklies a week or two in
advance? Anyway, I just saw the issue -- they did use the correct one-part
version, and Norway is therefore seeing some art and story that no one else has
seen (other than Denmark, who get identical contents now as Norway). I also see
ANOTHER article about me on the inside cover... this one seems to be going into
a report on the first page of the old "Son of the Sun" story and explaining what
old Barks stories from which I got the items in $crooge's collection. I'm
especially wondering if they explain why a report on this particular subject is
included as a preface to the "Croesus mess" -- do they make some connection? In
other words, I'm hoping you'll have time to translate this article for me/us as

	I hesitate to say this to someone who proudly bills himself as a
"Trekkie" (in America, this name has a definite negative connotation)... but,
yes, that one hand-symbol in the Dreamtime cave was intended as a Vulcan "live
long and prosper" hand sign, may heavan help me. 

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