re disney digest #556 and other stuff

Peter Coenen IGV039 at ZAM001.ZAM.KFA-JUELICH.DE
Tue Jan 24 08:40:39 CET 1995

>would like to know if anyone on the
>list has seen, collected or heard of any good disney pre-paid calling
>cards and for what countries?

On a calling card whith an advertising of a Disney store in Frankfurt
on it, there was also a note about an edition of 14 Disney calling cards.
They are limited on 2500 to 3500 ones per card, and it might be
that they are already sold out. Whether they are not, you can order them
by writing to:

M/M Praesente GmbH
Ralph Quade
D-42781 Haan

I read some reports about you in German comics. If you are interested, I will
translate them for you/ the list, but that will certainly take some time,
because I am just translating a guide about Walt Disney World into German.

Danny Coenen

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