Disney-comics digest #563.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Wed Jan 25 07:03:42 CET 1995

	Now you have also commented on my use of perspective or camera-angles in
that Croesus thing. This struck me as odd when Geir mentioned it. It's not like
I spend any time agonizing over the matter of using varied or artistic view
angles in each panel. It's not something I can take any credit for as if it were
a great artistic accomplishment. I simply know what I need to show taking place
in a panel and decide, on the spur of the moment, what angle would be the only
appropriate manner to allow me to show what I need to show. Same with the "self
consistency" of my stories -- since I know the whole story and what will happen
on the next page, it's no effort to stick stuff in that will become important
later. Again, this takes no extra or special effort. I wish I could claim that
these traits are very deliberate or something that took lots of serious
reflection and consideration, but they are simply things that I do by reflex.
	Now, getting those @#$&% plots to work out just right in X number of
pages -- THAT is what takes lots of work!!!

	Yes, I would VERY MUCH like to see translations of whatever sort of comic
book articles about me that you've found. These are in the actual MICKY MAUS
weekly comic book in Germany? I have no idea how big a job this is -- what do
you mean by it will "take some time"? A few hours or a few weeks? I've been told
that doing such translations is rather tedious, so please don't put too much
work into it. But, if you DO such translations, please send them to me by
private E-Mail. I don't know how to print out just one section of this Digest,
and if you sent it to me on a Digest that happened to be HUGE, I'd need to print
many dozens of screens of unneeded material before I got to yours.

	A 400 page hardback? Hm. Yes, that sounds bulky and expensive to buy or
send! I'd pay the big bucks if it was some special presentation, but if it's
just a few of my stories jumbled together anonymously with many others, I guess
you should skip it. But could you describe it to me? 

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