Disney-comics digest #568.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Mon Jan 30 05:23:15 CET 1995

	Yes, I'd like the Finnish publisher to send me all issues with my work.
You can ask him to please do so for me, but I've asked him myself by phone in
the past during my Euro trips and he's never done it yet. If you look for old
issues, I wouldn't know which ones to tell you I already have until after you'd
bought them. Naturally I'd LOVE to see translations of any articles or mentions
of me, but I know that's tedious work.
	Also, I have another Digest member in Finland saying he'll try the same
things for me, and I don't want you two to duplicate your efforts. Do you know

	Thanks for all that about the THREE CABALLEROS! I passed it on. 

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