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Mon Jan 30 11:43:13 CET 1995

Re question abut censorship in Disney comics.

There is a lot of censorship in the Barks Library as compared to the
original comics. Most of it is because of supposed racism (dialogue changes
in Land of Totempoles, heads redrawn in Voodoo Hoodoo etc.) or references
to war / civil war / communism (dialogue changes in Treasure of Marco
Polo), but there are also subtle changes here and there in dialogue (a
Scotsmans tip in Micro ducks from outer space was changed) and in drawings
(the cash register in Atom Bomb was redrawn to a pyramid of bottles because
Donald never should be allowed to cahs in on other peoples unluck i.e.
their losing hair).

These are only a few examples and I am sure many other examples have been

As for censorship in the Norwegian Donald Duck comic book, I am just
appalled. The 60s and the 70s saw the worst cuts in Barks art. The Gilded
Man was presented without any appearance or even mention of the Gilded Man
himself! The last page of Lost inthe Andes was once cut out. Etc. etc.
Whole sequences dropped in Christmas in Shacktown. Whew.

Geir Hasnes

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