Redrawing and censorship in Barks stories

Jon Cato Lorentzen jonlo at
Mon Jan 30 13:23:01 CET 1995

In the late 60s and early 70s this occured very often (in Norway, at least).
I think the editors claimed that the drawings from Barks older stories had 
too long beaks and throats, so for the kids to recognize Donald, the heads 
would have to be redrawn (the "Normal" Donald Duck at this time was sometimes 
drawn with an extremely short beak. Sometimes almost the entire story was 
redrawn with fat, ugly lines (I distinctly remember the story where Donald is 
kind to this cat that keeps him and the kids awake all night as being a 
pretty terrible example).

As for the cutting of pages, I have read a couple of Barks-stories that
have been cut from 10 to 4 pages! The story where Donald is building the
worlds largest kite was presented in the early seventies with only the last
four pages remaining. The reasoning behind this evades me.

A friend of mine was on vacation in the area where most of your Croesus-saga
takes place. He pointed out to me some errors in your story, and is currently
writing down some stuff pointing out what contradicts with what he saw and
read down there (he bought a couple of books about the Temple and the area
around it, and was at the site of the Temple-foundation). I will post this
as soon as he is finished.


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