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Subject: Life and Times P.S.

I can't believe I almost forgot the most shocking thing of this particular 

$crooge say (and this is a direct quote):
"Zounds! KANGAROOS! Hundreds of 'em! All hoppin' hell-bent for leather!"

"HELL"?!?!?  How did that one slip by the Disney censors?  Sheesh.

I just finished reading the back-up story, by the by, and found it quite 
silly.  It made little to no sense.  Why wouldn't $crooge tell Donald?  As 
soon as the Beagle Boys were out of earshot it would have made perfect 
sense to tell him.  sheesh  But you did a fine scripting job over a 
terrible plot, David.  

-Augie De Blieck Jr. (I'm a trekkie, too)
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