Plots and writing

Fredrik Ekman ekman at
Tue Jan 31 15:20:52 CET 1995

On Mon, 30 Jan 1995 bjorn-are.davidsen at wrote:
> I agree very much on Cussler being perhaps the worst pulp writer in 
> business

Great! I love outrageously bad pulp fiction. I must find out if this 
Cussler could really possibly be worse than Olof Moller, whom I would 
certainly recommend. Unfortunately only available in Swedish so far as I 
know. Now, what did you say that the full name of this Cussler is, and 
what would you recommend as his worst work?

(Hmm... How do I make this relevant to Disney comics? Wait! Here's a good 

Official announcement: There will very soon be a new version of the names 
translation list. Special thanks this time go to Paulo for lots of new 
Portuguese names. There are also several new russian translations.


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