Disney-comics digest #569.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Tue Jan 31 15:30:38 CET 1995

	My next story to appear in Norway, according to someone who said they
spoke to the publisher, will not be until April. I'm not sure why there is such
a delay, but perhaps they are waiting until it will fit into another of their
monthly specials. It may appear sooner as a serial in other countries. But not
in Denmark which currently publishes identicle issues to the Norwegian ones.
	And that story will be "The Universal Solvent".

	I look forward to your friend's comments on the Temple of Artemis. If his
comments have a relationship to the situation of the mid-50s, or if he has
different historical facts (that don't screw up my story) I can incorporate them
into the Gladstone reprinting.
	However, there was one historical fact that I did ignore... Croesus'
original Temple was destroyed by an arsonist's fire at one point, and completely
rebuilt. So whatever $crooge found anywhere in 1955 would not be from Croesus'
Temple of Artemis. My slant on that would be that the original COLUMNS could not
have burnt down and they would have been untouched or reused. (I don't
understand how a marble temple could burn down anyway! Even if there was wood in
the roof, how could an arsonist get way up there to do his dirty work?) 

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