Disney-comics digest #709.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Mon Jul 3 14:38:00 CEST 1995

        Thanks for all the birthday greetings!

        MIKE R.:
No, no one from Gladstone reads these messages.

I received my official invitation to be a/the (?) "Guest of Honor" at the
Lucca comic fair in Oct./Nov., right after my visit to Finland. But I know
that there are TWO major comic shows in Italy now. I'm told by a number of
different Italians that I'd enjoy visiting Lucca far more than Rome, but
they say that Rome is the bigger show. How would you compare them? Well,
perhaps next year I'll get an invitation to the Rome deal. It's a shame they
put themselves in direct conflict with one another. Have they ever done that
before? I hope there's no chance that everyone in Italy will go to the show
in Rome and I'll be alone in Lucca. Well, at least that will mean I'll be
able to do some sightseeing for a change, rather than trying to deal with
long lines of nice people who wait 5-6 hours for autographs like in Germany
last month. Maybe the fewer people whose days I waste, the better.

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