I have returned!

Mike Pohjola mikep at freenet.hut.fi
Tue Jul 4 18:28:24 CEST 1995

	Hi everybody again, and greetings from Salzburg. Feels kinda funny
to say this of a bunch of people I've never met, but I missed you. Now, before
I go thru my mail, I'll just send new questions and things to discuss.

	They published "Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies" in Finland too and
my family sent the issue to me in Salzburg! So I read it alot. It was a great
story. And I also finally got my hands on the two first parts of Lo$ in Wien.
The way Scrooge's eyes grow is great, but coloring is not done with much 
enthusiasm: When in the Finnish "ODaDaD" Scrooge's hair is continuously brown,
the Lo$ #1 in Germany shows the 10 year old Scrooge's hair color as yellow,
white and even light blue in one panel!
	SPOILERS to "ODaDaD": I assume that when Magica messed up with space-
time-continuum, that made Fergus not to watch his son's working and thus made
him miss the moment when Scrooge got The Dime from whoever he did. How come the
candle is almost burned out when Magica still has half an hour to go?
	SPOILERS to Lo$ #1: Is Scrooge selling grass in there?! The castle looks
absolutely magnificient. I have never seen such a careful work done in a comic
	SPOILERS to Lo$ #2: Of course Don had to make Scrooge come to Don's home
city, didn't he?-) Is it sure, btw, that Scrooge is last of the McDucks? I mean,
judging from the way his uncle Ewan has it with the ladies.. I can't believe 
that there were Mark Twain and a sawyer in the story, but no Finn! Duckleberry
Finn would've made a nice gag. The way the Beagleboys' faces are never shown
is great also.
	In the back-cover of the German album there is a photo and an article
about Don Rosa. In the photo he doesn't look half as old as in the one published
in Aku Ankka's editor's page. Even though he has the beard.
	See ya round!


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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