Brazilian Pato Donald #20

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        Thanks for all the info about _Pato Donald_ #2062 stories.

        Yes, Dutch stories have been often reprinted here (since 1992, I
        guess).  Particularly about "DD in Bangkassa" (H 89151), I think
        the story has lost something in the Brazilian translation...

        a) The reason why Scrooge didn't go to Bangkassa in person (instead
        of sending DD in his place) isn't explained anywhere in the text.
        Donald just says his uncle "can't travel".  Maybe the author can't
        admit U$'s health is becoming faulty... :-)

        c) What's the name and/or title of the jewel collector who traded
        the oil wells for the Bangkassa diamond?  He's apparently Arabic
        but is called "Maharajah"!

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