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Thu Jul 13 05:13:34 CEST 1995


I'm new to this mailing list, so let me first introduce myself. My name
is Arthur de Wolf and I'm from the Netherlands. (also known as "Holland",
as explained in H Fluks' informative lesson about this small country).
I'm a great fan of Disney comics, especially the American and Dutch ones.

I noticed that Don Rosa is a member of this list too. That's great. I think
he is the best duck-artist of this time. Just like Carl Barks was in his
time. I recently got the ninth part of the Lo$ series (in U$ #293), and
again it was great. All stories and covers by Don are masterpieces.
I'm already looking forward to the next parts.

I agree that this list is a disney _comics_ list, and that questions about
other disney stuff are out of the question. That way, I better not ask, if
anyone knows when Pocahontas is released here in Holland ;-). I _do_ like to
ask any dutch members of this list (like Mr Fluks or Van Eijmeren), if they
know any good comicbook-stores in Holland, where I can buy back-issues of my
american-disney-comics-collection. I buy my NEW comics in a store in Breda,
but they don't have all issues, that I'm still missing and desperately want.

Another thing, that I'd like to know is why the american disney comics (the
bi-monthly six by Gladstone) are published so many months in advance. I mean,
the month of July has just begun, and already I'm reading comics from Septem-
ber, and the ones from October are already on their way. Isn't this a little
awkward. That way, you're reading Christmas-stories in February-dated issues.

By the way...why do you all disapprove of Carl Barks' and William Van Horn's
story "Horsing Around With History". Okay, maybe some unusual things happened
in this story, which was written by Carl Barks, but it wasn't all THAT bad.
You have to keep in mind that it is a fictional U$-story, and everything can
happen in such a story. (from aliens living on Venus in U$53 "Interplanetary
Postman" to square eggs in DDOS223 "Lost in the Andes"). I mean, you must
not forget that Carl Barks is already 94 years old. And, I think that it is
great, that a man, who already retired many years ago, still writes a story,
to please his fans.
  NAME: Arthur de Wolf                                  DATE: July 12th 1995
 E-MAIL: wolfman at pop.pi.net                                      TIME: 19:58
COUNTRY: The Netherlands

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