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Fri Jul 14 13:20:00 CEST 1995

> As you might know, I posted a message from Jakob Soderbaum in the 
> last week of June in which he tells a bit about it. But he only told 
> about the Westfield catalog, that they cost about $ 140 each and that 
> they started with the first three parts.

I guess he got that information from the NAFS(k) newsletter where I
wrote it.  And I got the information from this list, so it's a piece
of information that seems to go around.  It was Mark Mayerson who
first mentioned a reprinting of CBL here, citing a rec.arts.disney
article by Brent Swanson (unfortunately not a member of this list).
I wrote Brent about it and asked why he thought that, and then he told
me that it said so in the that Westfield June catalog.  I don't know
of any other source for this, so I'd be happy if someone has the
possibility to examine this.

Daniel again, when I mentioned that I'd like to get the four sets I lack:
> Is it that impossible to get those "old" sets? Aren't there any 
> comic-book shops in Sweden still having them on the shelves? If there 
> are no changes in the reprints, wouldn't it be more fun to have the 
> old original CBL complete?

Original, shmoriginal -- I want the comics!  Actually I do like to
have some original Barks comics, even though I haven't bought many of
them, but CBL is just reprints anyway, so I wouldn't care about what
edition it is, as long as it's the same contents.  I just don't want
to spend too much money on it, and all the sets I've seen on the
comic-book shop shelves have been far too expensive for me.

But now Mark says that the first three sets have been for sale from
Bud Plant all the time.  For what kind of prices?
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