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Sun Jul 16 04:45:31 CEST 1995

On 11-JUL-1995 14:52:11.4 ccardoza said to ARCHIMEDES
   >I am sorry if you found my signature disturbing. However, you
   >misinterpretted it. It is an actual quote from the soundtrack of
   >Disney's "Pocahontas." First of all I do not push aything much less
   >California State University, Hayward                    ACCOUNTING
   >Colette Cardoza
   >ccardoza at
   >I'm Not Crazy!...............................I'm Unique!


        My apologies.  You're right, I  did  not  know  the  line  in  your
signature   was   a   quote.   Perhaps  you  should  use  quotation  marks.
"Pocahontas", BTW, is Disney's most religious film to date.   It  reeks  of
new age and Hindu themes.  If you liked the movie, does that mean you share
it's religious views?

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