Donald Duck Adventures 34

Mark Semich mas at
Mon Jul 24 04:51:11 CEST 1995

So did anyone else out there read Donald Duck Advs. 34?  I picked this one  
up last week, myself.

Pat Block's art is wonderful - something about it just clicks with me, and  
I find it to be a lot of fun and very well done.  I hope we see a lot more  
of his work.  I liked the story as well.  It wasn't deep or meaningful,  
but it was a fun yarn.  It did take me a little work to accept the concept  
of living beings being frozen for hundreds of years and just thawing out  
into the present day, however... :-)  But something about Fernandez and  
Block's work is reminiscent of very old funny-book stories, and I like it!

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