Eisner awards

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Mon Jul 31 23:06:32 CEST 1995

I've always felt that it was missing the mark somewhat to offer congrat-
ulations to someone upon their receiving an award such as this; it makes
more sense to congratulate them on their having done the accomplishment
in the first place, for which the award was bestowed.  That seems
proper in this case, since LOS is such a fine piece of comic art that
all its readers must offer you their congratulations (and their thanks)
for your not being daunted at the prospects of undertaking such an
ambitious project, and then for your bringing it to fruition with such
success.  All of us on the list, however, do share your sense of satis-
faction at the prospects of LOS's receiving more widespread recognition
as a result of this award than it otherwise would, and we share your
hope that this official acknowledgment (as it were) that Uncle Scrooge
is as "valid" a comic book hero as are those super-powered guys in the
capes will encourage more readers to check out the wonderful body of
literature comprising the Duckburg canon.  Maybe that's too much to
expect, but perhaps some enterprising dealer will think to stick up a
sign advertising the "award-winning" series, and this will inspire the
dreaded collectors/speculators to buy several copies, thereby helping
keep Gladstone in business.  All of us Disney comics fans in the USA
would be grateful for even that, so that we won't have to brush up on
our Norwegian to keep up with the latest Rosa stories.  So you have our
sincere thanks for producing the wonderful series [just when did one of
those caped guys have a "secret origin" story spanning more than 10
issues!!!], and the Eisner judges have our sincere thanks for bringing
the series to the attention of the fan-boys of the world.

I hope you can find a suitable niche amongst your Duck collectory for
the plaque, and I hope you found some nice funnybooks in the back-issue
bins at San Diego!

Wilmer Rivers

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