This list unknown?

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Mar 17 22:44:23 CET 1995

Don asked why he doesn't "see this newsgroup mentioned in any lists of
comic sections or newsgroups".  I don't know what lists you have been
looking at.  Note though that "newsgroup" normally means a group in
Usenet News, not a mailing list like this one.  The list is mentioned
in the FAQs for comics and for Disney and is listed in the list of
PAML (publicly accessible mailing lists), so netwise persons looking
for something about Disney comics ought to find their way here.

But of course I'm interested in any sources where this list isn't
mentioned but ought to be, but you have to be slightly more specific
to make it possible for me to do anything about it.
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