Disney-comics digest #613.

ADEBLIEC@drew.edu ADEBLIEC at drew.edu
Sat Mar 18 04:41:19 CET 1995

I wouldn't say I didn't like it exactly...  (I'm about to play the 
semantics game here.  You've been warned.)
There was a whole lot of stuff they could have done that they didn't.
For example, they could have done the bit about you and Disney's unfair
practices as a sidebar to your interview, and used the space for other things
directly related to you.  They could have found other Disney writers and/or
artists to interview, too, like William Van Horn.  Surely he could have been
It was also the shortest of these HERO Files pieces they've done.  It came in
at about 7 pages, when all the other (superhero) pieces came in at 10 or 
more pages.
I'm glad they chose to spotlight a deserving, often ignored, sector of the
comic book world, but I wish they had put more effort into it, I guess.
A for concept, C+ for execution.


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