Welcome to John Lustig, and some comments to Erik Ho/rte

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Mar 22 19:02:32 CET 1995

A little too much happened at once last week, so I haven't had time
to do any reviews yet. I'll try to write them tomorrow.

I see that something really interesting has happened while I was 
away (well, yesterday, but still...).

WELCOME to John Lustig! Great to have you here. This list is getting 
better all the time.  

And Erik Ho/rte. Too bad you haven't access to Internet. Hope you'll
get it soon :)
Anyway, if you're somehow reading this, I do have some comments to 
your articles. I think I am the one who have been most critical to 
them (on this list). 
     Now, after what you've said about how they change the articles,
I'm not sure who to criticize..., but anyway, here's what I don't like
about them. I liked the article about Don Rosa, BTW, but certainly not
the one about Black Pete.
     The articles seems to try to create the illusion that all stories
about the Disney characters are written and drawn by the same person
(yeah, we all know they're by Walt Disney...) and takes place in the
same universe. Things like "Once Donald Duck did..." and "This is a 
photograph of Black Pete..." aren't very informative when it isn't 
mentioned at all where this is taken from. Even this stupid policy of
not giving credits to writers and artists can't possibly make anyone
believe that a story drawn by Murry and one by Tello are by the same 
artist (?). Even if they don't tell who did it, it could be told that 
the stories are by different people with different opinions about the 
characters. If this is to be done in the future too, then someone will
have to say that "Once Mickey and Goofy run a transport company", 
even if this is only one of the things done with the characters at this
     So, maybe they're written/changed/cut for children? Well, I have
been a child myself, not that long ago, and I'm quite sure that I 
wouldn't have liked to read anything that was neither meant to be a 
funny or exciting story nor and interesting article, but just a bunch 
of meaningless "facts". It is possible to write articles that children 
will find interesting, but this is, IMHO, not the way to do it.


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