Kathy, Arthur and Striker261

Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at maisie.ow.nl
Wed Oct 4 01:16:00 CET 1995


On 9 September (a long time ago, I know) you said:

> Can anyone tell me which Gladstone issue and reprint Carl Barks story this 
> (approximate) quote is from?  Made by Huey, Dewey, and Louie, "There 
> goes Uncle Donald, patting himself on the back and shaking hands 
> with himself!"

I discovered this question while cleaning up my mailbox by writing 
files to a diskette, as far as I know it's not answered.

I can't give you an answer either, but maybe I can when you tell me a 
little more about the story?

The quote sounded familiar to me and you made me a bit curious which 
story it was.


> Why do you need to ask someone on the other side of the world
> for a copy of WDC&S 600, when they sell them everywhere, here in the
> Netherlands? You know what? If you want, I will get you a copy of it
> the next time I'm going to pick up my American comics at my 
> comicshop.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought it was already a back-issue. Yes, buy this 
comic for me if you want. Normally Harry buys the comics for me 
(because he visits those "faraway" comic-shops more often than me), 
but I don't know if he bought this comic for me. When he comes back 
from his vacation it might be much too late to buy it if he didn't.

I really don't want to miss Don's Family Tree. Especially because we 
have a redrawn version here in Holland.

"STRIKER 261":

> Are there Mickey Mouse comic books? If so where is a good place to 
> buy the older editions?

On 1 September I wrote about it (see digest #772):

) I might be slightly wrong, but as far as I know there are no 
) specific Mickey comics in the USA. (I'm from Holland.) There was a 
) comic called "Mickey and Donald", but that one doesn't exist 
) anymore (?).

) So, for Mickey stories, you'll have to read Disney-comics which 
) have some Mickey stories included.

Jacob Sparre Andersen commented to this with: 

) I have a single issue of a "Mickey Mouse Mysteries" from 1990. So 
) there have been something not too long ago. - I didn't like the 
) stories in that comic btw.

) There's a "Mickey Mysterier" monthly in Danish, that has some nice 
) (imho) stories. The format is 96 (or rather 94) pages pocket book.

And Arthur said:

) Hasn't ["Mickey and Donald"] been changed into "Donald Duck and 
) Mickey Mouse"?

For a good place to buy older editions you can try specialized comic-
shops, second-hand shops and comic-conventions.


--- Daniel

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