Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at veg.sintef.no
Wed Oct 4 09:09:45 CET 1995


I guess TIST will be the acronym for "The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad"? I
read the second part and still am curious as to how this is going to end...

But Don, seems to me you have left the realms of realism in this one? Some
things which I didn't find very realistic (I might be totally wrong, of
course, in which case I'd very much like to know):

- Why should you have trouble seeing big things far away just because you're

- Same for hearing, why shouldn't they hear everything clearly?

- Did you try to calculate how long DD & U$ would use climbing up that pole
at their current size?

- And they would have to be quite strong to hold on to that hand on the way

Not that I mind too much, really, just doesn't fit too well into your other
physics related stories.

I like the way U$ and DD have totally different reactions to the trouble. DD
is the desperate one while U$ attacks every new problem with stubborn
optimism. Looking forward to the last part...

P.S.: Which colour _should_ the Maltese Phalcon have, BTW? Can't remember
what it was made of, but at least it's colored gold in norwegian DD&Co.

Knut Hunstad
Trondheim, Norway

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