Disney-comics digest #805.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Oct 5 05:31:00 CET 1995

        I wouldn't say that "The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad" is one of my
more  serious studies in physics -- at least, not the way something like
"Cash Flow" or "The Universal Solvent" might have been. Sorta. F'rinstance,
with those latter two I actually had some discussions with scientists and
tried to work out vaguely reasonable pseudo-scientific explanations. Since I
was using Barks' "atom subtractor", I didn't bother to approach the "tIST"
that way. On the other hand, I did think it feasible that a very, very tiny
human might have trouble seeing through air-borne dust or pollution, or just
plain BIG AIR molecules, to see things the size of mountains... and the same
might go for their teeny-weeny ear-drums. At least I knew that nobody would
ever shrink like that, so I can't be proven wrong. However, I was thinking
that it would have taken U$ and DD days to climb that depth gauge -- but I
can't let things like this stand in the way of a story. I like to worry
about scientific accuracy... up to a point. Then it's all's fair. Really,
the stuff I pulled off in "Universal Solvent" wasn't possible either, you
know. I can pick that story apart, as well.
        I'm not comparing you to this guy, but I am reminded of an instance
a few years ago when I was on vacation and we were sharing company with a
non-comics fan who said he wanted to read one of my stories. I had a copy of
"Treasure Under Glass" that I loaned him. Later, I asked what he thought,
and he said he didn't like it because it was "too far fetched". This is one
criticism that simply stunned me -- I had no response, I just sorta went
slack-jaw. I felt like shaking the guy and saying, "Well, of COURSE it's
far-fetched! It's a COMIC BOOK! Did you notice those were TALKING DUCKS?"
        Anyway, what color is the Maltese Falcon? Are you the same fella who
recently said you hadn't seen "Citizen Kane"? I envy people who have still
to enjoy seeing movies like this for the first time! I wish there were some
classic movies I had yet to see -- I wish I could wipe them from my memory
and see them again for the "first" time. (sigh). Anyway, the Maltese Falcon
was just black. Actually, the one in the movie was a fake... that's why it
was in $crooge's junk closet. No one ever found the real Falcon (unless you
believe that silly comedy sequel called "The Black Bird" made in the 70s).

        Yes, "Donna" was hidden 3 times on that cover. I succumbed to a
friend who wanted to give his wife a birthday surprise by having me hide her
name on that cover. That's okay, but I shunta' done it, really -- I guess
there are hoards of Duck fans who might like me to do that for them, and
pretty soon you wouldn't be able to see the cover scene for all the hidden
names. So, I never did that again.
        I HAD done it once previously, however. I hid another Duck fan's
last name on my cover to "His Majesty McDuck". See if you can find it. It
was "Bankard".

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