Disney-comics digest #806.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Oct 6 13:37:00 CET 1995

        You liked the ending of "Tightwad"? That's good -- it was one of
those instances when I didn't have an ending in mind from the start, and
that was all I could think of.
        No, I meant that nobody in the movie found the real Falcon... or at
least the Fat Man was chasing a phony lead. But was there a Maltese Falcon
in real life? What a good question! After researching adventure stories for
the past 8 years, I've learned that history is PACKED with fabulous true
tales like that, so I wouldn't doubt there was some truth in that premise. I
wish I knew... that would make the movie 10 times better for me.
        Of course, the BEST part of the movie is what makes other movies
The fact that all of these movies were directed by the same man might prove
that my mind works the same way John Huston's did. What made these movies so
good is that the heroes LOSE the treasures they so desperately seek. I think
that's especially important in my $crooge stories -- I think I've said
before that $crooge is so rich that there can't be any thrill in seeing him
gain more treasure... it's much more interesting to see what mistake he
makes in judgement or ethics that will cause him to LOSE his goal.

        You liked those coins? I noticed that they didn't fiddle with them
even though I clearly drew American coins, even down to the faint lettering
of "AMERICA" or "LIBERTY"... of course, they colored it all gold like they
always do, so maybe that was enough disguise?
        Speaking of coloring, I was also puzzled, like you, as to why they
colored the close-up views of the Beagle Boy's skin PINK, instead of their
normal "flesh" tone. Hm... could it be due to the "gag" where I had Donald
saying he thought the giant Beagle hand that plopped next to them was a
"pink oil-tanker running aground"? Did they use that gag in the translation? 
        You remind me that I keep forgetting to bring those issues up here
to post a list of the stuff in $crooge's junk closet. Yes, I'm sure I used
some of this group's suggestions, though I didn't make notes as to who
suggested what. When I post the list everyone is free to remind me what
they'd sent me.

        Too bad there's no one from Germany in the group. I just received a
copy of the 6th album of the "Lo$", and they used the extra half-pages in
chapter XI, the pages that had never been used until then. But yesterday
Gladstone's issue with that same chapter came out -- I haven't got a copy
yet, but I trust they used those extra pages also. I also hope they
corrected that one panel where I show $crooge with two pairs of specks!
Also, WDC&S #600 came out, and I'm anxious to see how the Duck Family Tree

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