Disney-comics digest #807.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Sat Oct 7 07:07:00 CET 1995

        Yes, I did hide "D.U.C.K." in all three splash-panels of "War of the
Wendigo". But after that I only hid it in the first splash of three parters.
I think that's enough... after all, I see my 3-parters as ONE-parters that
have been torn into three sections, but will someday be printed as they were
intended... that's why I do extra art for them to help them "heal" their wounds.
        No, I've never hidden my own name, nor has that thought ever occured
to me. I don't think I'll do that. "DON" would be too easy to hide, anyway.
But hiding "D.U.C.K." with that "K" and all the periods intact is rather
difficult at times. Speaking of that, in regards to the cover of the new U$
#295, I'd mentioned that is a reprint of a German cover, and it has been
"flipped"; so watch out -- the "D.U.C.K." is backwards!
        And the reference in "tIST" to some incident that involved damaged
police cars is not a reference to any actual past story -- it's just
designed to sound bizarre and make you wonder what happened.

        I got my WDC&S #600 and U$ #295 today.
        The Duck Family Tree was there in #600, along with most of an
accompanying text I wrote. I see Dabney Duck has been changed to
Humperdinck, but no explanation was added by the editor as to why he's no
longer Dabney. How can this be straightened out? Hm? But the rest of it
looked right. See, I'm never sure what these printings of my Tree will look
like, since the art for the Tree and for the portraits is separate, and the
circles and name plates are added by the various publishers. This is the
first time that the nameplates, especially the one for HD&L's father, were
added correctly. Gladstone always does a good job!
        And chapter XI of the "Lo$" was printed completely intact. I'm
surprised and pleased. Guns pointing at beaks, the destruction of the native
village, Bombie, everything is there. The only change I've spotted so far
(and I was warned about it) is tiny -- the reference to John Jacob Astor
changed to simply "J.J.". What's odd is that they left in the reference to
William Randolph Hearst. Why was one okay, but not the other? 
        "Nutmeg" is left off a bag in one panel, but I'm sure that was only
because Todd Klein's script wasn't complete. Todd is reading this list now,
I believe. Instead of calling him as I always try to do after seeing one of
his lettering jobs on "Lo$", I'll just thank him here. His lettering (and
Susan's coloring) always make my stories look better than they are! I always
look forward to seeing what distinctive lettering he uses on the story
title, and this one was perfect again. I've already seen stats of part 12
(to check the added panels) and that Klein job is great again. Anyway, I was
tickled by Todd's "Russian" lettering when $crooge visits Czar Nick II. Ha.
        This is the first time I'd ever actually seen this story in such
form that I could read it myself. Oog... it's pretty stern stuff! But that
is exactly how it was intended... after 11 chapters, this all had to develop
into something other than just a series of simple little adventures... this
is all rather un-Disney-like psycho-drama. Well, it will read better when
it's next to chapter XII where you first see how unhappy $crooge is after
developing like he does in part XI, and then see him turn out just fine at
the end. But that's two months from now.
        The printing is not as muddy as the previous issue, though not quite
as clear as the pre-self-cover days. But Susan Daigle-Leach's coloring is as
great as always. There are so many tiny touches she puts here and there that
are a constant delight to see.(There are some PINK sponges at one point... I
don't know about that.) The added pages are there to turn the 3-parter into
a 1-parter. They corrected my error in one panel of $crooge having two pairs
of glasses (one in his hand). The cover is colored GREAT. Bombie's eyes are
        (If this is boring anybody, as well it should, stop reading five
paragraphs back.)
        Oh, that list of stuff in $crooge's closet in "tIST". Next time!

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