April 1, lemmings and indexes

kathy fitzpatrick kfitz at halcyon.com
Sun Oct 8 05:57:09 CET 1995


I goofed again, I thought it was the first panel.  Anyway, thank you much.

April's Fools Day is definitely a tradition in the USA.  It backfires on
some of us also, like the time when I was about 9 years old and switched the
sugar and the salt.  Our Mom made potato pancakes that night that seemed a
little sweet. Worse luck, I forgot I had done it and the next morning I put
salt on my breakfast cereal.  UGH.  Anyway, fooling each other doesn't ONLY
happen on April 1st, it depends on the company you keep, but let's just say
that if you get a phone call on that day telling you that you have just won
a sweepstakes, be skeptical!


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