Donald Duck Extra 10

Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at
Sun Oct 8 11:26:04 CET 1995


Your 10-page story "Incident at McDuck Tower" is published in the 
monthly "Donald Duck Extra" here in Holland. I liked the gag with 
Donald's hands being pinched in a window and it was also fun to see 
the psychiatrist from Barks' 10-pager with the toffees (WDC 175).


Also a Van Horn-story is published in this "DD Extra" (D93049), I 
don't know the title. It is about the nephews who don't want to rake 
autumn leaves in the garden. They decide to go on strike, Donald's 
answer to this is that he also decides to go on strike (which means 
that he starts cooking only for himself).

Although I am not very fond of Van Horn's work, I like this one. 
It is a good improvement to see Van Horn working with the 4-stroke 
format. It is also good to see Van Horn's ducks looking better in 
this story.

--- Daniel

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