DD&Co #39

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Sun Oct 8 21:15:51 CET 1995

Donald Duck & Co #39 1995

- Cover D-11830. Two of the nephews have made paper planes of
Donald's newspaper. This makes it a little difficult to read.

- Donald Duck, D92408, 12 pages. Art by Vicar.
     Donald is a jongleur. His agent has got a job for him at
a club. That evening the owner of the club is also there.
Donald start by throwing some rotten fruit in the air. This
works very well until a girl from another show throws a kiss
to him. Then most of the rotten fruit hit the owner. Donald
is thrown out, and will never get any job in Duckburg again.
The owner goes on a vacation. Donald does get a job though,
at a hotel on Costa Contrasta. He's supposed to entertain the
children there. The owner of that club is having his vacation
there. You can imagine the rest. At least almost. The owner 
must hide from som mafia people, and a good way to hide is 
as Donalds partner. 
     Not too bad. Not very original, though. Quite good art.

- Mickey Mouse, G-RC-9011, 1 page.
     This is a short criminal story where the reader is 
supposed to solve the problem. The art is very similar to
a lot of Mickey stories from the late seventies and early
eighties (stories from Gutenberghus, later Egmont).

- Mickey Mouse, D92410, 10 pages. Art by Esteban.
     Another Zoom-transport story...
Mickey and Goofy are hired to bring an old letter to a 
scientist. The letter probably tells about some hidden 
treasure, but it will have to be decoded. Idgit the Midget
and Dangerous Dan McBoo want the treasure. They catch Mickey
and Goofy and put them in a quite tricky situation including
a cliff, a jar, a rope and a tree. A quite funny episode 
actually, although I think it would have looked better in 
an action movie. The rest of the story is too simple.
     It's difficult to criticise Esteban for his art here,
since I know he can do it much better when he's not drawing
like Paul Murry.

- Uncle Scrroge, D94202, 8+ pages. Don Rosa.
     You'll have to wait till you see it yourselves ;-)
A wonderful story.

- Goofy, KF 11.28.76, one page.


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