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Tue Oct 10 00:22:11 CET 1995

> Thanks for the explanation about Egmont's house language being English. If 
> I understand correctly, then, Rota sends a first draft in Italian to 
> Egmont, they then send it to you for translation into English, they then 
> edit it and resend it back (in English?) to Rota who does the final 
> dialogue (in Italian?) and the art and sends it to Egmont; they send it 
> back to you (or whoever else) to have the final dialogue translated into 
> English; and finally the English final dialogue is translated n times into 
> the various different national editions. Whew! Is that more or less right?

Well, it's more or less right except that so far, I've only seen each
individual script once, for the first translation. I suppose Egmont's
edits are in English (which I believe Rota can read), and maybe somebody
in the office (like Byron Erickson) does the final polish/edit to avoid
yet another trip across the Atlantic.
> By the way, how many languages can you translate a comic story into English 
> from? I'm impressed!
I've done six languages: German, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish, and
Italian into English. It's amazing what you can do with a dictionary...
(fortunately, Disney comics aren't exactly rocket science).


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