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Tue Oct 10 02:44:16 CET 1995

I know there have been a couple of inquiries recently about Don's story "Back
in Time for a Dime!" that was published in Disney's DuckTales Magazine. Don
has already responded about this. 

However, I recently had a private inquiry from someone on the list who was
looking for a couple of my stories "The Count of McDuck" and "Scrooge's Nose
Knows Gold" that appeared in that same magazine. This person confused the
magazine with the DuckTales comic book series. In the event that other people
on this list may have misunderstood as well, I'm reprinting part of my
private reply:

The two stories you were asking about were indeed comic book stories, but
they never appeared in comic books. Instead they were printed in "Disney's
DuckTales Magazine" which was a magazine-sized publication put out by Welsh
Publising in New York. Only four pages of each magazine featured comics. The
rest of the magazine featured general interest articles, pictures, games and
short stories. Some of these features had very tenuous (or nonexistent) ties
to DuckTales. The magazines were obviously intended for young children. I
doubt if the magazines were ever sold anywhere except North America.

My stories appeared in the "Fall 1990" and "Summer 1990" issues. The magazine
was only published four times a year.) There were no code numbers on either
of the stories and I doubt they'll ever be reprinted. 

I think David Gerstein speculated that Don may have been forced to use some
of the DuckTales characters besides just Scrooge and the boys. I don't know
what happened in Don's case, but--and my memory may be faulty here--I don't
think I was forced to use any characters. I just went ahead and used
Launchpad as I had when I'd been writing stories for the comic book series
that Gladstone did. One of the stories went through this way with just
Scrooge, the kids and Launchpad. Unfortunately, for some reason, the editor
(or the artist) decided to insert Webby into the other story without telling
me. (As a result, Webby basically has nothing to do except fill in space in
the background.) Some other changes (dialogue and art) were made that I liked
even less.

I hope that sheds a little light on the matter.


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