U$A #35

Augie De Blieck Jr. adebliec at internexus.net
Tue Oct 10 23:39:45 CET 1995

Finally got around to this tonight.

I REALLY liked the cover.  WVH did a great design job on it.

They still are putting in these stupid Minnie Mouse gossip column 
things.  As a one-time curiosity it wasn't that bad.  But who other than 
those few people who read these things when they first came out and are 
still reading Disney comics today really care all that much?  I'd rather 
see a second page of letters or a one-page gag.

As for "The Temple Treasure of Khaos":

I like it, with reservations.  I thought the end was kind of weak.

It didn't take long for the first coloring error to occur - second panel, 
as a matter of fact.

And the computerized lettering really stuck out at me.  I don't like it 
very much.  Too obvious and "fake"-looking.

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