Disney-comics digest #811.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Wed Oct 11 01:58:19 CET 1995

	I have a German edition of your DuckTales Movie adaptation,
which I think is the same version we're discussing.  They turned the
64-page adaptation into 45 pages by turning many 6-panel pages into
8-panel pages and by deleting EVERY non-movie addition you made to the
plot.  Virtually EVERY scene you described as marking "your" version
wasn't in this reformatted one, which was thus a much more direct
adaptation of the movie.
	The 45-page version also alters the art so that hands, arms,
wings, etc. aren't constantly sticking out of the edges of panels and
overlapping with other panels.  The Jaime Diaz Studio's layout was
really overbearing in the original, and these guys fixed it.
	The story was also recolored, but whoever recolored it left
the Ducks with the dark-blue eyes they had in the American version, so
it may not at first look to some people as though it's been recolored.

	Don't worry... I'd never expect that you'd put Webby and Bubba
Duck into a story by choice.  I imagined that if they were there,
you'd have added them because you were told to.
	The McDuck Mansion as shown in the DuckTales series is just
the same building shown in that one-page "sheep lawnmower" gag of US
9, with a overhanging roof slapped on top, but I think we've had this
debate before... Barks sometimes showed Scrooge living in a mansion,
but at other times, he appeared to live in a normal house.
	I've worked on several Danish rewrites, some pre-DuckTales,
which include the mansion.  All of them draw it without the hanging
roof, as in US 9.
	There's Barks evidence both for and against the mansion...
	On the other hand, I've seen Egmont and S-coded stories where
Magica lives in a castle, which I KNOW is wrong.

	David Gerstein
	<96dag at williams.edu>
	"Have a chestnut, boys! ... OW!"

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