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Thanks for the long discussion on computer-lettering.  (I know I wasn't 
bored by it, but then the more mundane parts - to most people - of comics 
are what I like to talk about.  Namely, lettering and letters columns.)

Yes, I've seen that Whiz-Bang font in the CBG before, and yet I still 
didn't pick up on the fact Gladstone is using just that. You're right in 
that the letters are nicely, er, sculpted.  There is an interesting 
variety of line weight inside each individual letter.  However, it looks 
cheap awfully fast.  And it looks really cheap when they use the same 
lettering for the comic as they do the advertising.  Maybe that's why I 
haven't been able to get into it.

And is Chris Eliopolous (sp?) experimenting with computer lettering now?  
Look at his work in the Star Trek comics.  Makes me appreciate his 
hand-lettering stuff in the Highbrow books all the more.  (Sorry for the 
digression there, everyone.)

-Augie, has been told he has nice hand-writing
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