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Arthur de Wolf accidentally sent this to the administrative address of
the mailing list instead of to the whole list.			/Per

(BTW: Thanks for answering my question on WD Giant, David.  I ought to
have guessed that that was the case, but the explicit wording about
all titles being converted to the $1.50 format except WDC fooled me.)

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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 95 20:28:20 PDT
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Subject: -- What does Gladstone mean --
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	I had a little question about the publisher of  Disney comics
in the US. It's probably a stupid one, but I was just wondering: what 
does the name Gladstone mean? Has it anything  to  do  with Gladstone 
Gander? (Or does Gladstone also publish non-Disney material?)  Or has 
there once been a Mr. Gladstone, who is/was the owner of the company?

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