Disney-comics digest #819.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Oct 19 13:30:00 CET 1995

        Oh, yes, I've stuck in some references to Monty Python here and
there. There are LOTS in "The Once and Future Duck" that I finished last
month that's all about King Arthur.

        It's been over a year, so now I can't recall exactly what the
"greater than Rome" reference was to in regards to that whatchacllit Mexican
city. But I believe it referred to its physical size -- it covered more
area. And perhaps (with its pyramids) it was taller in spots?
        Yes, I was quite aware of the similar ending in "Charts" and
"tGotLL". But that ending of "tGotLL" ending was only used in the USA, so
the vast majority of world readers would not see any similarity -- and I
therefore decided there was no reason to skip that good idea for a closing.
        Oh -- as CAREFUL as I try to be, I just don't have time to think of
everything, especially as a rank-amateur historian. So you say that in
Ireland in the 6th century they wouldn't be using so-many-years-AD to denote
the year? Ouch -- that's bad. Please check on that so when this story is
reprinted in America I can make corrections, as I did with "tGotLL".
        Again, it's been a while, but I would say that the dialogue that the
translator might have mis-translated was something like "Why should they
have necessarilly put North at the TOP of their map?", not "Why is North at
the top of this map?" Big, big difference! But perhaps the translation was
more like "Why do you think North is at the TOP of this map?" Are you sure
they got it wrong?

        Yes, in Holland and ALL through Europe they have always colored the
coins in $crooge's Bin to be all GOLD. I think I've often pointed out that
this (to me) is a major misinterpretation of what's in the Money Bin. The
Bin is supposed to be full of common pocket-change... pennies and nickels
and dimes and quarters. It's not a TREASURE Bin, it's just a BIG piggy bank.
Anytime I draw the Money Bin into a story, I try to put colorist-notes in
the margin saying stuff like "PLEASE -- THESE ARE NOT GOLD COINS!" But the
problem is that it's a 40+ year tradition in Europe that the Money Bin is
filled with gold coins, and I don't know how they should handle it now. I
don't want to muck with peoples' traditions. (But still, those coins AREN'T

        The Finnish album and leather-bound hardback edition of my stories
should be published by now, and waiting to be put on sale during my visit.
        What art do they have for display? Through special arrangement with
Disney, I receive my covers that I do for Gladstone back, as long as I never
part with them under any circumstances. I'll be bringing about 10 of those
covers with me. Not for sale (sigh), just for show.
        "The Lost Charts of Columbus" is 24 pages. But if they are putting
it in a separate supplement issue, that means they could use a 28 page story
as well. But I don't know this sort of thing, what they can use and what
they can't.
        That was QUITE a write-up they gave me in AKU ANKKA!!! How am I
supposed to live up to that sort of intro? Wow! But I love their tag-line...
"TRY TO STAY CALM!" Sounds like Adolf's boys are coming back or something!

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