Disney-comics digest #820.

James E. Smith III jsmith3 at host1.dia.net
Fri Oct 20 03:55:23 CET 1995

Dear Don:

ATTN Mr. Rosa:  
Just two quick questions. 1) Can you tell us a bit more about this 
supposed "painting-cover" you did that was supposed to be about the 
Funeral of Scrooge with Donald, Daisy, and the nephews looking over. Is 
this really something you did? Is there any way I can get a glimpse of 
this artwork? Sounds really fascinating? 

Second question: Again, this is something that you may have already 
answered here. But then, I'm great at asking redundent questions. 
Ok, is there going to be a Life of Scrooge #0, that will be coming out 
after issue #12. I may have missed your previous answer. 

As always, a devoted fan. 

James Smith III
Williston, ND  58801

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